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About Us


Organic Ingredients

 We serve old fashioned, home made desserts, pies and pastry just like grandma used to bake. We use real butter, organic flour and organic free-range eggs in our desserts. We do NOT use shortening, margarine, lard or preservatives at Sweet Revenge Patisserie in Vancouver. 


A Lilliputian Room

Sweet Revenge Patisserie is located in Vancouver's mid Main area, our "desserts only" restaurant is an ideal way to finish off your busy day. Perfect for after the theatre, a movie, sporting event, dinner, or as a treat for yourself or someone special. The warm and inviting interior with faux tin ceilings, lush red wallpapers, oil lamps, antique style furniture and softwood floors set the mood. The music continues the nostalgic theme, ranging from Billie Holiday to Edith Piaf and Johnny. 


Our Tea & Coffee

 We also have some organic coffees and teas to enhance your SWEET experience. Choose from dozens of loose leaf tea, including the popular rooibos from South Africa, each served in an individual teapot. Our regular coffees are freshly brewed in a French press coffee plunger, with organic coffee beans.

Fine Pastries

What happened to the days when desserts were crafted and savoured rather than manufactured and mass-consumed? Is there an alternative to factory produced "cakes" laden with shortening chemicals and preservatives?

There hadn't been a dessert only restaurant in Vancouver that specializes in good old-fashioned home-made desserts...until now.

Sweet Revenge Patisserie is a best spot for dessert in Vancouver, whether it is a quick dessert visit after work or a romantic date for craving sweet desserts. We have variety of chocolate desserts and organic tea selections.